Issue 65
Make a Hummingbird Dripper



1 8-ft. piece of 1/2-in. copper pipe cut into the following lengths:

A 1 piece 30 in. long
B 1 piece 42 in. long
C 1 piece 6 to 12 in. long
D 1 piece 4 in. long
E 1 1/2-in. copper T-connector
F 2 1/2-in. copper elbows
G 1 1/2-in. copper reducer coupling


1 Drip irrigation system regulator
1 10 ft. (aprox.) 1/8 in. spaghetti tubing(also called micro tubing)
1 1/8 in connector for spaghetti tubing
1 Emitter
1 End cap for the garden hose


Pipe cutter or hack saw

1/8 in. hole punchfound with irrigation supplies

Nothing attracts birds like the sound of running water and a mister or a dripper is irresistible to hummingbirds. But how do you get the mister up to the birdbath and still have it look good? Try this simple mister/dripper stand. It’s easy to build from an 8-ft. length of 1/2-in. copper pipe and taps into an existing garden irrigation dripper system or just an ordinary garden hose.

You can buy any of these pieces separately at a hardware store or garden center. But before you can add the water you need to put it all together. Start by cutting the pipe into the four lengths shown in the materials list at right and assemble the stand as shown in the illustration below. If you need to, you can make small adjustments in the length of pipe so they fit your birdbath.

Now you’re ready to hook your drip system or hose up to the copper stand. I’ll show you how to do this in the steps that follow.

Making a Hummingbird Dripper

Step one

Step one — Once you have the stand built, it’s ready to receive the spaghetti tubing and dripper. Here’s how to put it together. Start by capping off the open end of your garden hose. Then, using the hole punch, make a hole anywhere along the length of the hose and attach the spaghetti tubing to the hose with the connector as shown at left. Thread the tubing through the copper T-connector at the base of the stand and up through the copper pipe.

Step two

Step two — As you can tell by the illustration it’s a simple matter to plug the emitter into the end of the spaghetti tubing.

Step three

Step three — All that’s left to do is connect the other end of the garden hose to the outdoor water faucet. Make sure you use a drip irrigation regulator. This will modify the water pressure and keep it from blowing the emitter off the end of the tubing. Leave the water running and you’ll draw all kinds of birds into your birdbath.