Issue 65
Where to Get Coral Bells

Coral Bells Sources:

How many times have you seen a plant you wanted but had no idea where to find it?

In Garden Gate issue 65 we talked about lots of gorgeous cultivars of coral bells (Heuchera hybrids). So you can experience growing them in your own garden, we’ve listed each cultivar with the name and Web site of a retail source. A couple of cultivars, such as ‘Palace Purple’ and ‘White Cloud’, are usually quite easy to find in your local garden centers, so we didn’t list a Web site for them. As you search out the coral bells you like in Garden Gate, keep in mind that many of the companies we list carry other wonderful coral bells. Be sure to check them out, too.

Enjoy shopping and growing the beautiful coral bells you read about in Garden Gate!

‘Bressingham Bronze’
Not currently available
by mail in the United States. Check for it in your local
nurseries. We recommend ‘Quilters Joy’ as a
substitution because it has similar foliage.
‘Cherries Jubilee’
‘Chocolate Ruffles’
‘Chocolate Veil’
‘Coral Bouquet’
‘Ebony & Ivory’
‘Frosted Violet’
‘Green Spice’
‘Jade Gloss’
‘Lime Rickey’
‘Midnight Burgundy’
‘Molly Bush’
‘Montrose Ruby’
‘Palace Purple’
Check local nurseries
‘Petite Lime Sherbet’
‘Petite Marbled Burgundy’
‘Petite Pearl Fairy’
‘Petite Pink Bouquet’
‘Pewter Moon’
‘Quilter’s Joy’
‘Raspberry Regal’
‘Stormy Seas’
‘Strawberry Swirl’
‘White Cloud’
Check local nurseries