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3 Ways to Make Your Winter Garden Better

By: Garden Gate staff
Your winter garden doesn’t have to be boring! Use these simple ideas to add extra interest as temps dip and skies turn gray.

Beautify your winter garden

Whether you live where it gets below 0 or where winter just brings jacket weather, the winter months are a time of rest for both the gardener and the garden. But that doesn’t mean the winter garden has to look bad. Put in a little work before temperatures get chilly and you’ll have a great view to enjoy until spring.

Winter is a time when the garden can be dull or look fabulous. The difference is a framework that shows well. Here are three ways to add a beautiful framework to your winter garden.

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Winter interest - hardscaping

Install plenty of hardscaping elements

Hardscaping, such as a bench or statue, can be visually breathtaking, especially in the snow. Make sure you have something to enjoy at eye level, like an obelisk or arbor — you’re more likely to see these above any snow that accumulates from a storm or the piles that result from shoveling.

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winter-garden-outdoor-arrangement: A seasonal arrangment of evergreens looks beautiful even with a layer of snow!

Make winter container arrangements

Create a bright, striking combo near the entry with a seasonal container. Include redtwig dogwood (Cornus alba) and evergreens, white paper birch logs and magnolia (Magnolia spp.) branches, which make great out-of-the-ordinary fillers. You can even forage evergreen branches from your own garden! Then add ribbons, ornaments, pine cones and other decor for a finishing touch.

See How to Create an Easy Winter Evergreen Arrangment on our YouTube Channel

winter-garden-grasses: Leave ornamental grasses through winter to add interest to your winter garden.

Choose plants that show off in winter

Ornamental grasses that hold their seedheads, broadleaf evergreens and conifers all look good throughout winter so you have a nicer view.

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Published: Dec. 19, 2018
Updated: Dec. 18, 2020
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