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3 quick and easy steps for planting your best annuals

By: Garden Gate staff
Annuals add color and flair to the garden, so make sure they start strong and keep getting better by following these 3 simple steps when planting annuals this season.

3-steps-for-great-annual-plants-snapdragon-lead: Maintaining your annuals like snapdragons will help them look better throughout the season.

Most annuals bloom for a long time with a lot of resilience toward changing weather conditions and with minimal work from you — that’s why they’re so lovable, right? But even though all of that is true, it’s still really important to make sure you get them off to the right start so they do look their best all season long.

Here are three simple tips to help your annuals thrive. Click through the slideshow below to learn about each one!

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Published: May 14, 2019

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