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Five drought-tolerant lawn replacements

By: Sherri Ribbey
Mix it up, and get efficient. Grow these water-wise plants in place of traditional turf grass.

Whether you have a yard that’s sunny or shady, dry or moist soil, there’s a plant (or two) that you can use to replace traditional turf grass. A garden of pretty perennial ground covers is easier on the eye and can conserve water better than a traditional lawn.

Even if you replace your lawn with drought-tolerant plants, it will still need some watering — especially at first to help them establish good root systems. After that, regular rains will probably be enough to keep them hydrated. However, if there’s an extended dry period it’s a good idea to give drought-tolerant plants an occasional deep watering. Take a look at the slideshow for a sampling of what’s available. Use one or several to fill in a small area where you want a prettier view or to create a whole new look for your yard. You could end up saving a bundle on your water bill, too!

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