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Season-extending plants

By: Garden Gate staff
Here are 6 annuals that take summer’s high temps (and perform well in spring and fall, too).

Season-extending plants

This time of year, we’re all looking for plants that can take the heat in stride. But ultimately, gardeners aren’t just looking for plants that can take hot temperatures; they also want plants with improved flexibility to move from season to season — from spring’s cool weather into summer’s heat (and summer’s heat into autumn’s cool), and still bloom well. Ball FloraPlant has been breeding a series of plants to do just this. Here are a few of the results:

  • Bloomify™ lantana Lantana camara — New in 2018. Sterile, so won’t set seed and go out of bloom.
  • Bondi™ scaevola Scaevola aemula — Thrives in hot, dry conditions.
  • EnduraScape™ verbena Verbena peruviana — Reblooms in both hot and cold temperatures.
  • Lucky™ lantana Lantana camara — Late seed set keeps plants blooming longer.
  • MegaCopa™ bacopa Sutera cordata — Flowers two weeks longer than predecessors. (in photo)
  • Spotlight™ sweet potato vine Ipomoea batatas — Resists heat-induced leaf fade and color loss.

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