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Give glads a second look

By: Garden Gate staff
These head-turning garden classics are better than ever — meet some that are just right for your garden.

Give glads a second look

It’s no wonder gladioli, or glads, have been around for generations. Their long, elegant flower spikes come in nearly every color and lots of different patterns, shapes and sizes — you’ll even find a few that are fragrant. On top of all that, glads make long-lasting cut flowers.

Though they’re often called a bulb, glads technically grow from a corm, an enlarged un­derground stem that stores food. Because you can stagger the planting of your corms, they’re great for filling in gaps for summer color.

Click play to peruse a gallery of gorgeous glads and find out which ones are just right for your garden.



Gladiolus spp. and hybrid

Type Corm

Blooms Every color but black from early summer to early fall

Light Full sun

Soil Well-drained

Pests Occasional thrips

Size 24 to 72 in. tall, 10 to 12 in. wide

Cold-hardy Some as hardy as USDA zones 5 to 10

Heat-tolerant AHS zones 12 to 1

  • None

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