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Make your own kokedama

By: Garden Gate staff
Try this hot new trend in indoor gardening!

Make your own kokedama

Kokedama, translated “moss ball,” is a Japanese form of garden art. Simple yet elegant, it’s made by wrapping a plant’s roots with soil, sphagnum sheet moss and string, rather than planting in the ground or a container. This creates a striking focal point, drawing attention to the shape of flowers and foliage, especially in contrast to the smooth, round moss-covered ball.

Watch our video to learn how to make and care for your own kokedama. Find the tools and materials, available at your local garden center and craft store (unless otherwise noted), you’ll need in the list below.


Peat moss
Akadama soil (available at Dallas Bonsai)
Sphagnum sheet moss
Waxed string or floral wire (available at Maine Thread Company)
Plants proportionate to the size of ball you’re creating


Bowl and latex gloves for mixing soil
Measuring cup

Published: Nov. 29, 2016
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