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A convenient container garden

By: Garden Gate staff
Try these tips for a beautiful and easy container arrangement.

Keeping up with your containers doesn’t have to be a challenge. These grouped-together pots create a unique look, and they are easily reached with the same hose and quickly and efficiently watered all at once. Here are a few ideas to make caring for your containers a little easier.

Low-maintenance container tips

In addition to grouping these pots together, there are a couple of other things to do to take a load off the watering chores. Plant in a large container like the one above so you use more soilless potting mix; it holds water better so combos won’t dry out as quickly. Add a layer of bark mulch to the top of the pot to help conserve moisture, too.

And to make things even easier: Use rock mulch to keep weeds from popping up in between the smaller pots, and install a simple brick edging for easy mowing.

Choose no-fuss plants

Drought-tolerant plants conserve more moisture with small, waxy or fuzzy leaves. This combination has a number of tough annuals — waxy leaved begonia, small-leaved asparagus fern and fuzzy Swedish ivy — that don’t wilt easily. Ringed by succulents and English ivy, this grouping can take the sun and heat. And because they thrive in dry soil, succulents are perfect in the quick-draining smaller pots.

Want to know more about quenching thirsty container gardens? Garden expert Karen Chapman will help you out with her container watering tips!

Published: June 12, 2018

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