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9 multiseason plants for your garden

By: Stephanie Polsley Bruner
Check out 3 plants that add multiseason interest anywhere in your yard.

It’s easy to create a beautiful garden in May, June and July, when many perennials are at their peak. But the rest of the year can be more of a challenge. Does this mean you should give up and go inside for the other nine months? Absolutely not! You just need to pick some multiseason plants!

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Multiseason plants have interesting flowers, foliage and more!

Of course, the first thing most people notice about a plant is the flowers. That’s a great starting point, but don’t stop there. Many plants offer other great visuals: colorful bark, great fall foliage, a bold overall shape, appealing texture, pretty seed pods. Choose several plants that have multiple seasons of interest, and you can easily have a garden with year-round appeal even in a small space. Let’s take a look at 9 plants that’ll add pop to your garden no matter what the calendar says! Click through the slideshow below.

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