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Hanging basket watering tips

By: Garden Gate staff
A simple, budget-friendly tip to keep your containers well-watered.

It's true: Hanging baskets can dry out quickly. And they can be difficult to rewet. Here's a tip to help get your hanging baskets back in shape when they get too dry, and a way to take advantage of all the water that inevitably runs through the liner when you do water.

Get your hanging basket down where it's easier to water with this Hi-Lo Pulley

ht-wf-watering-hanging-basket-lead: Set a too-dry hanging basket in a new oil pan filled with water to soak for 10 to 15 minutes to rehydrate.

What to do when your hanging basket gets too dry

Hanging baskets dry out quickly in the heat of summer and may even need daily watering if it's really hot and windy. But it's easy to get busy and forget. If your plants are wilted and water runs right through the basket when you try to water it, it may need a good soak.

Take the basket down and set it in a pan or bucket of water. Can't find a pan or bucket the right size? A new oil drain pan is the perfect width and depth to accommodate most baskets and a few gallons of water. Plus, you can find plastic ones, like the one here, for less than $15 at most automotive stores. Let the basket soak for 10 to 15 minutes to rehydrate. It's easy to tell when it's time to remove it — the potting mix will look darker and if you push your finger into the mix, and it will feel damp.

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how-to-water-hanging-basket-dripping-basket4: Put the excess water from your hanging basket to work by positioning other containers below.

Best place for your hanging basket

Hanging baskets can go anywhere, from a shepherd’s hook out in the yard to up against the house. It’s ideal, though, if, when you water, excess water, can dribble out onto a bed, border or cluster of containers below. But make sure water doesn’t drip onto patio furniture, so you don’t have any extra messes to wipe up.

Watering wands make it even easier to reach those hanging baskets to make sure they are watered thoroughly.

Published: April 22, 2019
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