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Summer stars for shade

By: Garden Gate staff
No matter how little sun your garden gets, these 3 gorgeous summer perennials will brighten up any spot!

Sure, hostas and impatiens shine in shade…but there are other bright, colorful blooms you can plant alongside those shade garden favorites! The first step to finding the right shade plants is knowing the light levels in your garden, and garden journaling is a great way to help you track how many hours of sun your garden recieves each day. If you find that the amount of sun your garden gets varies during the day, plant in a space that gets morning sun and afternoon shade, because early sun is less harsh than midday sun. Below is a quick guide to defining shade levels. Now click through the slideshow for three great shade plants!

Light shade = six hours of full sun or lightly dappled shade all day.

Part shade = four to six hours of sun or heavier dappled shade.

Full shade = less than four hours of sun or heavy dappled shade all day.

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Published: Aug. 7, 2018

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