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Spindly seedlings

By: Garden Gate staff
When starting seeds indoors, it’s good to remember that light is very important.

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Spindly seedlings

When starting seeds indoors, it’s good to remember that light is very important. If the seedlings you start don’t get enough bright light, the young plants will stretch and become very leggy.

You can start seeds in a south-facing window, but they’ll do better if you set up an artificial light source for them.

They don’t need fancy grow lights — basic shop lights with one warm-white and one cool-white fluorescent bulb work just as well. Use chains to hang the light over the flat so you can move it up as the seedlings grow.

Always keep the light no more than 3 in. above the tops of the plants. You can see the difference in the illustrations at right. If you notice the seedlings starting to lean to one side, rotate the tray 180 degrees so they’ll straighten up again.

Published: Jan. 25, 2011
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