Issue 48
Fast Fillers

As an experiment to see how quickly these perennials spread, we planted an entire bed of some of our favorite fast-growing perennials at our test garden a couple of years ago. You can see how quickly it filled out in the slide show at right. We’ve also included the plan and plant list below if you’d like to try part or all of this bed in your own garden.

Fast Growers Fast filler plan

Plant List
Code Plant Name No. to Buy
A Ribbon grass  Phalaris arundinacea 6
B Loosestrife  Lysimachia punctata 4
C Bee balm  Monarda didyma 5
D Yarrow  Achillea millefolium 6
E Wormwood  Artemisia ludoviciana
‘Silver Queen’
F Variegated mintMenthaxgracilis
G Deadnettle  Lamium
‘White Nancy’
H Boltonia  Boltonia asteroides 1