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Keep deer out!

By: Garden Gate staff
If deer just won’t leave your berry shrubs alone, try this tip to critter-proof plants.

Keep deer out!

Protect your raspberry bushes — and harvest — from deer with this clever homemade barrier.

Take a few plastic hula hoops (the dollar store usually has an affordable selection) and cut them in half with a pair of sharp scissors. Next, pound 4-ft. electric fence posts about 4 feet apart along each side of a row of raspberries. Then, push the cut ends of the hula hoop onto both posts, creating a secure arch.

At this point, you can adjust the hoops’ height a bit, to accommodate the size of your plants. Finally, drape 7-ft.-wide bird netting over the hula hoops and used clothespins to hold the two together, just like you see at left. This barrier works well to keep deer away and could also be set up elsewhere in the garden to hold floating row covers for shade or frost protection.

Published: March 1, 2016
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