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5 fall garden design ideas

Is your head spinning with all the beauty that awaits in the fall season? Check out our collection of 5 incredible fall garden design ideas!

Turn up your fall curb appeal

This fall entryway makeover design has all the right plants, decor and more. Get some tips here, and pump up your fall curb appeal!

Must-know garden planning tool

Ready to design a new garden bed? This simple planning tool makes it easy! See the tool and learn how to use it in this video tip from garden expert Aaron Steil.

A blank yard becomes a peaceful patio

Before, the outdoor furniture sat on the grass in an empty corner of the yard. Now it’s a peaceful patio surrounded by a waterfall and bird-friendly plants. Check out the details of this gorgeous garden makeover!

Make a small garden seem bigger

Did you know arranging colors in a particular way can change how large or small a garden seems? We’ll show you how this works in our video tip.

A garden of spring surprises

It's a gorgeous spring day, and the flowers in this garden are ready to celebrate. Learn the secrets to making this garden so cheery and bright.

Design with repetition

Make designing your garden easier by repeating elements: a favorite plant, a color you can't get enough of or even shape and texture. See four easy ways to use it in your garden.
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