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Simple hydroponic container

By: Garden Gate staff
This space-saving technique will help you grow almost any vegetable in a container. Follow along as Brie Arthur shows how to make a simple hydroponic container.

Even if you don't have a large vegetable garden, you can grow tomatoes on your patio. Expert Brie Arthur shows how to set up a simple hydroponic container. Don't be intimidated by this complicated-sounding name. It's simple — no soil required — and will help you harvest loads of tomatoes all summer. Watch this video to learn how!

See more details on hydroponics and many other great tips for growing vegetables in our class, Homegrown Garden: Grow More Food in Less Space.

Love growing your own vegetables but just don't think you have enough space? You might be surprised how much food you can pack into every corner of your garden! Check out our class, Homegrown Garden: Harvest More Food in Less Space, to learn more about seed-starting, choosing the right varieties, space-saving vegetable gardening tips and even amazing recipes for your bigger harvest!

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