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Add life to your patio. Dress up your front entry. We have all the inspiration and how-to tips you need.

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Grow this 4-season windowbox

This 4-season windowbox will dress up your garden all year long. Linda Vater shares tips and plant recommendations to ensure color in spring, summer, fall and winter.

Meet 8 of the best container plants

When it comes to growing beautiful containers, it all starts with the best container plants. Meet 8 of our favorites for colorful, easy-care containers all season.

Easy spring container

Getting this look in early spring is easy — many garden centers offer blooming plants you can combine to create beautiful combos now!

Pretty pink container garden

Is your favorite color pink? Here’s the perfect container for your deck or patio filled with long-lasting color. It’s easy to care for, too!

How to build a terrarium

Add some green to your home with a thoughtfully-made terrarium. Read on for all you need to know to create the dreamiest indoor garden.

Fall pumpkin planter

What do you get when you combine your favorite cool-season plants and some pumpkins? A festive fall pumpkin planter!

Mum & kale fall container recipe

Running out of ideas of what to do with the fall classics? Here’s a unique mum and kale fall container recipe that is sure to get you inspired!

A colorful fall hanging basket

The trees’ changing leaves are the crowning glory of fall, so put them to use! Here’s an incredible trick for creating a colorful fall hanging basket.

Summer container makeover

After some accidental over-watering, our containers needed rearranging. Check out our tips for revamping a dull container with house plants and late-season perennials.

Simple hydroponic container

This space-saving technique will help you grow almost any vegetable in a container. Follow along as Brie Arthur shows how to make a simple hydroponic container.

Patriotic planter

A fireworks show in the daytime? It’s true! We’ll show you how to celebrate the holiday with a festive red, white and blue container garden.

Vivid color in cool shade!

Your shady spot just got so much more exciting! Fill your container with this simple pink-and-white plant combo for something stunning all summer long.

A convenient container garden

This impressive arrangement of containers cuts back on watering and keeps maintenance at a minimum. We’ll tell you how!
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