Issue 57
A Friendlier Front Yard

A Friendlier Front Yard

Free Printable Front Yard Plan

Friendly Front Yard GardenA front garden is just like a first impression. It tells visitors a lot about the owners. From this design it’s easy to see that these owners are gardeners. A wide selection of plant material, with a few choice specimens like the paperbark maple, fountain bamboo and dwarf conifers make it special. And there are touches of casual whimsy — cabbages mixed with colorful annuals and perennials as well as a hidden fountain to make people wonder where that sound is coming from. You know these folks will have a good sense of humor.

To learn about the garden design, you can read more about it in Garden Gate issue 57. Then look at the plan here to see all of the plants listed. That is, all except the small dwarf conifers among the boulders. You can personalize your design by selecting the specific ones you like best. That way this garden will be a reflection of you and your tastes.

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