Issue 66
Amendment Calculator

One solution for clay soil is to build a better bed on top of it! In the “Quick Fix for Poor Soil” story in issue 66, I shared an easy way to build a berm to rise above problem soil. This calculator will help you figure out how much soil and compost to buy to mix together for the berm and also how much mulch you’ll need to top off the finished berm. The amounts for the mulch are calculated for a 3-inch-thick layer.

Fill in the measurements below for the bed you’d like to build, then click “Calculate.” The amounts you’ll need, whether you buy by the bag or in bulk, will show up in the table below.

Bed measurements:

Fill in your bed’s measurements:

Length (in feet)
Width (in feet)
Height (in inches)

Amounts to buy:
  Soil Compost Mulch

(for a 3-in.-thick layer)
2-Cu.-Ft. Bags      
Cu. Ft.      
Cu. Yds.      

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